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  • Multiple Logo Design Concepts
  • Our Logo Designs Are Custom And From Scratch
  • We’ll Research The Competition

  • Up To 3 Color Variations
  • Multiple Revisions 

The Power Of A Logo

A Logo Is More Important Than You Think. Your Logo Will Be Seen Across The Web, It Can Be A Unique Opportunity To Represent Your Brand In Style And Amaze Them.

Your Reputation Will Be Our Reputation

No matter what your budget is, we will promise you that you’ll love your logo. We’ll edit the final Logo until you absolutely love it. 

A Dedicated Project Manager

Your Dedicated Project manager will consult with you along the way to make sure we are on the same page throughout the design process.

Our Clients Love Us For A Reason :

These guys are amazing. Whenever i have a question these guys answer it the same day. Amazing customer service. They also got an extraordinary s.e.o and web design conversion results for us.

Jimme Mikael

International Rug Gallery

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Our Process


1. After You fill out our logo questionnaire form, our agents will give you a call within 48 hours

2. Then after the 5 minute free consultation, we can get an idea of what you're looking for.

3. You can also send us paper sketches of what you're looking for if you have any.

Get multiple idea concepts from our experts

Our Experts Will start sketching multiple concepts, and after you choose the best sketch, we will start designing your logo with our logo design software.


Your Eye Catching Logo will be ready in 3 to 5 weeks

Partial Logo Portfolio


 Ali babae,Owner of:


                         Harmony Rugs

                              “We’ve had our phones ring like crazy!”

We gave them everything, from our logo redesign to our website redesign. Their Google S.E.O services grew our business so much after 10 months that i  brought them a friend of mine that had another business

Solmaz.C, Owner Of:

                       Solmaz Ceramics

  “Their free 15 minute consultation made me realize what i actually need.

    they are so supportive”

 “Yasaman Took the time to get to know our business and our customers very deep. They designed a custom tailored beautiful logo that our whole team absolutely loved”

Different Types Of Logos

  1. Text Logos( WordMarks)

This is when the name of the business is part of the logo so people can actually read brands name. Logos like coca cola...visa... You would want to consider having a wordmark logo if your new and later once your established you can drop the name from the logo, just like Pepsi's logo. Usually an epic calligraphy is involved for a wordmark logo. This type of logo can be a monogram, a letter mark, or the full wordmark. It can sometimes be combined with a pictoral logo design like the way Adidas is designed. 

2. Pictoral Logos

This is when the logo is only a picture. Like Twitter, Target and WhatsApp. This is good for brands that are well established and customers recognize them easily.

3. Abstract Logos

Abstract logos are a branch of pictoral logos, but they are much more unique. They can be simple or complex in design. They're more conceptual in design and meaning compared to pictoral logos. Logos like Sprint mobile, Cadillac, Nike, and Pepsi are examples of abstract logos.

4. Mascot.Character Logos

Mascot logos are usually a good fit for large food companies where their audience is usually in the younger age group demographic. They are perfect for selfies in stores and events and going viral 🙂

5. Emblem Logos

An emblem logo is used to represent a concept, not a good fit to represent a business. It's mainly used by government organizations and other alike institutes, like Harvard university. Harley Davidson is an example of an exception, A non-government company that went with an emblem logo.


What People are Saying

A Great Find”

We love the amazing Logo motion video that they created for us. They have an Amazing team

HeatandCool Canada

“Fabulous quality & customer service”

“I was involved in the project throughout the design journey, i absolutely love our new logo “

Shahrzad Tea

“High Quality,affordable prices, just amazing”

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